Inexpensive survival gear website for Canadians?
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I'm looking for wholesale water purification tablets online... for Canada... cheap... and with inexpensive shipping...

I'm also looking for other survival knickknackeries appropriate for a 72 hour kit. Again, it has to be either a Canadian operation or with reasonable (read:dirt cheap) shipping charges.

Thanks to all you wonderful MetaFilter readers in advance!
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Best answer: Are you looking for 10,000 tablets in a bag or 200 bottles of 50 tabs each? MEC has purification drops (best) or tabs (not as effective). MEC of course won't be the cheapest but you'll have quality.

MEC's tablets are made by Coghlan. They have a list of distributers you could contact if you need a large number.

Personally I prefer a small filter system, I've got a filter bottle in my bug out bag. The advantage is you can fill and drink. You have to wait for tabs and drops to work, especially if your source is a gardia risk. Plus you need to carry a bottle anyways.
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IMO, avoid tablets. Use the Pristine treatment Mitheral suggested. Tablets are less effective and leave a foul taste; ditto with saturated iodine solutions (and the iodine treatments can cause health problems).
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