Get a feed of most retweeted tweets from a list within a timeframe?
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Is there a way to get a feed of the most retweeted tweets from a public list over a specific timeframe?

I'm currently on a (possibly permanent) Twitter hiatus, but there are certain lists I've created (which contain 50-100 users) that I'd like to view, say, once a month, and see what the, say, top 20 tweets were from that list (based on either views, retweets, or some other metric.) Is this possible?
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Provided you're only interested in tweets with links, this is a feature of Nuzzel. Follow the people you want to be in your list, and link that the Twitter account to Nuzzel. Nuzzel then allows you to sort for the most popular links, and will optionally alert you if a link crosses some threshold (e.g. five people you follow have tweeted it in the past 24 hours).
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