Where can I get good non obvious sci fi themed clothing?
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Where, other than thinkgeek, could I find non obvious non crappy sci-fi clothing? For example this cool nostromo hoodie.

Looking for things that don’t have the movie name - for example something from a location or company in Star Wars but not “Star Wars”. Not crappy red bubble or Etsy printed junk either. Like some of the stuff think geek has (but nothing in their inventory interests me). Specifically looking for some sort of sci-fi themed zip hoodie.
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Last Exit to Nowhere is your mothership.

Fantastic hoodies with logos from science fictional companies
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For t-shirts, I like Snorg Tees.
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visit Tatooine
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I bookmarked Abby Shot a long time ago, when they were selling things like replicas of Deckard’s coat from Blade Runner, but looking at it now it seems to be mostly Outlander and Doctor Who clothing, and their only hoodie is a replica of Silent Bob’s. But here you go anyway.
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Elhoffer Design
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Famous IRL has some subtle movie and TV hoodies.
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Not sure if these match your requirements, but the following might work for you:

Volante Design
Steampunk Artifacts

I haven't bought anything from these guys (although I've been lusting after a couple of the Volante jackets for some time now) but I HAVE got some obscure or sci-fi referenced shirts from the NeatoShop. They often have free shipping or some other sale on and their sizing options are good.
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I've gotten a few such things from Threadless (example).
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Cotton Bureau generally has a healthy number of nerdy/geeky designs, and they offer hoodies.
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Depending on your fandom, For Fans by Fans has hoodies and the like.
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Prophecy Girl.
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These "galaxy far far away" pins are understated and quite nice.

Wonder Woman jacket. Assassin's Creed jacket.

There's a fair bit of Expanse-related gear available (Beratna's Gas, Pur&Kleen, a map of the Ceres transit stations, more...).
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Today on BoingBoing.
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Her Universe.
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