streaming tv experts - how do I get the sunday game?
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Wise metafites - My father is visiting from back east and I'm trying to get the Steelers game (on CBS) on our TV for him. We have a relatively new (2 yrs old) smart TV, but no TV services beyond netflix and prime. Can someone help me figure out how to do this?

What we've tried:

Using the webbrowser option on my 'smart' tv, logged into his Verizon account and navigated to CBS, no such luck as the CBS site wants and IE or Firefox browser.

Signed up for a Hulu account with the live TV option. This doesn't seem to be working b/c our local cbs affiliate is not showing the game. Trying to change my "Home" location w/in my Hulu account doesn't work, it says I'm already home! I don't remember telling it where my home is so I'm guessing it's basing that on being on the same network as I was when I created the account. And if that's the case, I'm assuming my dad wouldn't be able to sign up either at this point and should have done that when he was back east.

I think we'd be willing to pay a little bit for this, but I can't even figure out how we would do a pay per view. Any advice?
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If it’s on all CBS affiliates, you might be able to get it over the air from your local CBS channel. You’ll need a rabbit ear or similar antenna and to make sure your TV has a digital tuner (it will probably plug in through co-axial cable). OTA tv has commercials but the signal is digital and is in HD, it’s pretty good.
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Get a Fubo trial, then DVR it to watch as soon as the game's over.
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unfortunately it doesn't seem to be on all CBS affiliates (our local one is showing Family Feud at the moment)
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Could you just run it from the CBS site via laptop or tablet and an HDMI cable?
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Could you just run it from the CBS site via laptop or tablet and an HDMI cable?

my dad tried that earlier and ran into problems, it seems it's b/c even if he were to sign up for the season pass he's still limited to local affiliates on their site as well and no ones broadcasting. At this point I think we've about given up.
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Go to on the smart tv's web browser.
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Reddit is an excellent source for grey area streaming sites. depending on how you feel about the ethics of pirated streams. search around and you will surely find the game. use ad/malware blockers always.
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beat to the punch
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To watch sports legally in the cable cutting age is to go to your local sports bar and watch it there.

Bonus: hot food, cold beer, no dishes, atmosphere.
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I use my Dish Network app with the Sunday Ticket. I can watch any and every game regardless of market.
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