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I want to shut down my Facebook account, but I have a lot of photos and memories from the past 10+ years in there. Is there a company that would let me download the data and turn it into a journal-like book?
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For starters, you can download your own facebook archive.
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Deleted mine earlier this year. Definitely download your data. I've also used tips like these to print out a Facebook messenger chat with a friend who passed in early 2017. It's not formatted particularly well, but the messages and pictures printed out and I'm pleased to have it for posterity.

There's a service that says it'll "print your life" from Instagram or Facebook, here. I have not tried it, but it might do what you're hoping.
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I think Facebook is forced by GDPR to let you download your data.

Maybe humboldt32's answer is the one you want, maybe Facebook has yet another way to download even more of your information buried deeper within their help pages or only available by jumping additional hoops.

Grab the most complete backup you can and keep it always, only then worry about how to process it.
I'd be wary of feeding your information to yet another external company, ideally you'd do the formatting locally in your computer.
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