I wasn't framed, but I want to be!
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Point me to websites for custom frames for odd-sized artwork.

We have some odd-sized artwork we want to frame. In the past, we've used places like Michael's and a local frame store. For many reasons, mostly because we're just so damned busy, I want to do it all online this time. I'm comfortable assmebling the artwork into the frame when it comes to my house. I do not want to have to actually assemble the frame or make my own. Seriously, do not tell me to make my own frame.

So I Google and I get lots of results. Do you have a favorite place that isn't going to cost me a couple hundred bucks? Lay it on me!
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I have been seeing a lot of promotions for Framebridge, which seems like what you might want. Haven't used them personally, though.
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I have been using Frame Destination for the last couple of years and multiple pieces/orders. Frames and mats are pretty basic, but everything always looks like it does in the pictures, quality is decent, and shipping is fast. Getting through the website is kind of a pain, but basically you go under "frames," select either wooden or metal, select the profile you want, and then start customizing. The website used to tell you the cost of each component as you assembled, which I miss, but the finished frames are not too expensive. As a bonus if you're framing multiple pieces, they have a volume discount, which you'll see at the bottom of the customizing page. (The frames all have to be exactly the same size for that to apply though.)
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I've used PictureFrames for years. They are pretty fast and easy.
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This Etsy shop does custom sizes, not too expensive. I've used them for years and they rule.
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I've used American Frame for this on multiple occasions and have always been happy with the outcome. The website makes it pretty easy to put in all the measurements.
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Heartily endorsing Framebridge. I don’t know if they will sell/send you empty custom frames, since I’ve only sent them digital files or physical prints that they’ve framed and then shipped back, but it’s worth a try. They do a great job for the price and the selection of frames is great. They often run sales and promo codes so keep an eye out for those!
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I can attest that the quality for Framebridge is pretty high for what they charge. They’ve always done a great job for me (I generally frame photographs though).
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I've had good luck with Art To Frames for custom sizes of not-very-complicated frames. The joints and mat cuts were flawless. Acid-free and UV-protection options are limited, but met all my needs.
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