Best option for getting a book to New Zealand
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I planned on shipping an inexpensive, out-of-print book to New Zealand, but a $4 book would cost $40 USD to send from the US to NZ. Is there a better way?

The book in question is The Happy Mutant Handbook, a soft-cover book of oddities and amusements from 1995. I checked with UPS on the shipping, which I was told would likely be cheaper if sent straight through USPS, but I imagine it's not too much cheaper. Are there any good NZ bookshop aggregators or search sites to see if I could buy it from a shop in New Zealand? Thanks!
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Bookstores in NZ at Biblio, but plugging your title into its search engine gets zero returns.

Is there a time frame? Thriftbooks in the US has a 'very good' used copy for $4, and ships older books worldwide for $4 - but service takes 15-20 business days.
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It's worth checking USPS book rate.
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Unfortunately, book rate (aka media mail) isn't offered internationally; flat rate international starts at $24.99. If the book fits into a large envelope and weighs less than 4 pounds, you could try shipping first class int'l; calculator here. (Without a box or a big padded envelope I'd worry about damage to a soft-cover book, though.)

(Also, screwed up my initial answer - tried title/ISBNs for NZ and Australia at Biblio, only returns for here and other countries. Of those, only two offered even higher prices for book+shipping.)
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Shipping a book in a padded envelope international via USPS is well under $20 almost anywhere in the world. I do it all the time.
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USPS First Class rate to NZ for a two pound package is $23.25
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Booko NZ is a bookshop aggregator that shows prices with shipping. Don't know which NZ bookshops (if any) it covers; the Australian version of the same site, which I am familiar with, does a range of Australian bookshops as well as international sites.

It says the best deal is through Better World Books with used copies for about US$8.50/NZ$10.50 and free international shipping.
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If there is no affordable commercial option I would find someone who is well plugged into the NZ Twitter community *cough* which is a fairly nice and co-operative little backwater in Twitter and ask for a volunteer who's travelling soon to mule it for you. If you're lucky someone will deliver to the door.
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If Booko NZ is half as good as Booko AU, you should head there.
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Sort of the other way round the world.. but I can see a copy here on the UK Amazon page for £0.70 and I'm heading to New Zealand in three weeks if you'd like a hand with this! PM me.
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You could try emailing Hard to Find Books ( Whenever I go there (the Dunedin branch) they seem to have a vast backlog in a warehouse out back that they'e always in the process of cataloging for their website.

I did a search on Te Puna (NZ's national library database) and there are no holdings in nz, so it's quite a rare book here.
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Which service/rate are the big discount houses (Thriftbooks, Better World, etc) using to offer such low shipping fees? Do they get a volume discount?
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Thanks to all for the ideas and suggestions, and HUGE THANKS to teststrip for offering to tote the book! It arrived, and just in time for the holidays! :)
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