Seeking effective taglines for a membership campaign
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I'm the owner of an old-fashioned, independent movie theater -- much loved, but financially struggling. We're launching a membership campaign, and I'm looking for effective taglines.

The unvarnished truth is that the movie theater will close unless we get a significant number of people signing-up for memberships. I'd like to get that point across to people, but without seeming too desperate, either.

I'm looking for a short tagline, and a slightly longer one.

For the short one, my working version is, "We can't do this without you".

For the longer one, I'm looking at, "Your membership will allow us to continue bringing world-class entertainment to the Springfield community".

I'm not overly excited about either one above.
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Begin tag with a pinch from The Player:

[MovieTheatreName], Now More Than Ever! Act Now, or Act Never
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Help keep the lights off!

Join today! Your membership supports great movies in your community.
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If you cater to a more grownup/dark audience, "We're f*cked without u"
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You're the most important part of our pictures!

Join a cast of thousands....

I also really like "Help us keep the lights off" above...
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Here are the membership pages of three successful independent cinemas I'm aware of. Maybe you'll find some thoughtful guidance by following their lead? They're all doing quite well with their mixed models of membership / open seating / events / rentals.

Revue Cinema in Toronto, Apollo Cinema in Kitchener, Princess Cinemas in Waterloo.
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"Ready for your close-up? Join today and be part of the picture."
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We need your help to stay open!

I think you are kind of desperate and it's okay to let people know that. Everyone is hit up for donations all the time. They need to know why donating to a for profit business would matter to them. I'd be tempted to do an interview in the local paper/TV station and let people know you're in danger of closing.

There's a non-profit theater that has done an amazing job of fundraising/saving it. They have people sponsor older movies. They do a small skit right before the movie and thank sponsors then. There's a contest with small prizes for who's come the farthest away. It makes it more of an event.

The movies are $5 but tend to be classics. The concessions are reasonable. I've been twice in the last few years since it's a drive but it was packed. I'm sure it helps that it's run by volunteers but they use the money to fix up the theater. I really wish one of the older theaters by me would copy them. It's a lot of fun. Check out their site and see if there's anything that could work for you.

The Historic Artcraft Theatre
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The Whoville Theater, Brought to You by You

Keep the Reels Turning

Don’t Let the House Lights Go Down Forever
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Well, I had high hopes for "Help us keep the lights off", but my co-owner and manager didn't get it. And even after I explained the joke, they still thought it was non-obvious, and that the general public would be confused. I'm surprised -- I thought the meaning of it was obvious.
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