lunch this weekend in Coney Island
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I'm doing a Turkey Trot in Coney Island this weekend with some friends. The race is on the boardwalk, and last time we did it we had lunch at some diner right there, I think maybe it was Tom's. Where else could we go around there for lunch this time of year? It needs to be walking distance (the race starts right around the Parachute Jump if that helps). We are pretty adventurous eaters, though a couple of us are vegetarians. Some good Russian food maybe? Thanks!
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Go get Georgian food (CHEESE BOAT OMG) at Toné Café in Brighton Beach. Lots of other, less cheesy, veggie options as well.
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Best answer: Seconding Tone, raising you a Cafe Kashkar
Not all of these are open mornings, but useful for the future too. Slowly eating my way through the list
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