What certificates could my cat get?
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I would like to procure certificates for my cat, to show his qualifications, skills and interests in many areas. What can you suggest? Upper limit is probably about £15-£20.

Somewhat inspired by this question What is the weirdest, most obscure national organization you know of and the certificate of membership in the Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society linked there.

Cat Tax.
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Do they have to be real certificates? Because I would gladly design any number of certifications for your cat, including auto repair and the Basque language.
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Also, your cat may qualify as a Polydactyl Autodidact, depending on his number of toes.
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Can you just sign your cat up for stuff? Like, human stuff but using your cat's name? I'm sure it wouldn't be the first cat ordained by the Universal Life Church or the Night Ranger fan club*.

*assuming Night Ranger has a fan club.
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I was going to suggest a Witches' Union card, but then I saw that your cat could be a certified Familiar with this patch.
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Given the look in the cat tax photos, I'd say he more than qualifies for membership in some kind of skeptic society.
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I subscribed Sam Katz to numerous magazines, changing the middle initial on each one so that I could track subsequent sales of the mailing lists. Sam was offered many fine things, including time share vacations, publisher’s clearinghouse chances, credit cards, etc. I imagine the same thing would result from joining organizations and earning certificats.
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A Hypnotherapy certification may be within your budget, and he would not be the first cat to be certified.
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Check out the Universal Life Church and get your cat ordained.
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