Is the Oscar Center medical office in Brooklyn a viable business?
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I'm considering switching to Oscar Center for primary care, but I'm worried that they're an unviable experiment (like their predecessor, Freelancers Medical, which I really liked until they cancelled) and will be shut down soon. Is there any way to tell how dedicated Oscar Insurance is to keeping them going?
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They can be as dedicated as they like and still have to close down if they keep losing money, as they have for the last three years (the word "hemorraging" is being used). See this article, for example. On the other hand, this article paints a rosier picture, and Oscar themselves said, in March, that profitability is “around the corner.” I have to admit, the newer information supports Oscar's rosier viewpoint.
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Response by poster: To clarify: of course, if Oscar Insurance goes out of business, the Oscar Center medical office will close too. But they could also close the medical office even if the insurance business goes on. I'm hoping they won't close it any time soon, but I'm curious if there are any warning signs to look for.
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