Email client with very customizable inbox view?
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I just switched from Gmail's webapp to Spark as a desktop email client but it appears to be impossible to customize the smart inbox view as much as I want to. Are there other alternatives that do this better on a Mac?

I like Spark EXCEPT that I want to be able to simultaneously see the most recent emails within three "cards" in my smart inbox view: 1) unread emails, 2) emails I've pinned because they contain tasks I need to do, and *separately* 3) emails I've pinned that need a response. I was able to do this in the Gmail webapp with stars for #2, a "Needs Response" tag for #3, and a sectioned inbox view, but I can't forward my Outlook emails to Gmail so that won't work. I can't make two different types of pins in Spark to denote #2 vs. #3 and I can't set any of my "favorites" folders (including my "Needs Response" tagged emails from Gmail) as a card that's visible in the smart inbox. To see those emails in Spark, I'd have to click on the folder, and I tend to forget about emails when they're not immediately visible in my inbox.

Other than that, I don't need a ton of other features- this is what I'm looking for:
*Needs an iPhone phone app and Mac desktop versions
*Plays well with Gmail and Outlook
*Preferably has a snooze option on emails, as with Spark
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