Looking to confess my sins, cry a little, and then feel better.
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I really want to make confession but don't have a regular church anymore. Where can I drop in and not feel uncomfortable? In NYC.

I'm working my way out of a toxic relationship. After four years of feeling terrible about myself and about the things he made me do, I finally see a way to feel good and honest and clean again. But I really, really want to make confession. The problem is, I haven't been to church in a long time, other than the obligatory palm Sunday, ash Wednesday, etc. So I dont have a feeling of closeness to any church right now. Further complicating things is that, in the church I do occasionally go to in my neighborhood, the priests are not fluent in my native language (English), so it might be difficult/awkward for us to communicate during confession.

So what I'm looking for is a Catholic church in northern Brooklyn or downtown Manhattan where I can basically just walk up and make confession and not feel totally crazy or out of place. I know you could say, "well just walk into any church", but I"m looking for a personal recommendation, where you felt comfortable and welcomed and safe. I dont want to just stumble into some giant, cold, crowded building, and feel even worse about myself.

Yes I"m already in therapy and working on myself. But I feel I need to do this too. Thank you for your help.
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This church is not lower Manhattan (w 31st) but it seems to have exactly the welcoming setup you're looking for.
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Looks like this would fit the bill: http://www.stfrancisnyc.org/penance/
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Nthing St. Francis!
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Yes, St. Francis. It’s one of the most welcoming and nonjudgmental Catholic churches I’d been to.

(It takes an incredible amount of fortitude to leave a toxic relationship. I hope you find the peace and comfort you seek.)
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I don't live in your area, so no recommendations. I just came in to say how moved I was by your post. You are strong, brave, and inspiring - even though you may not always feel it. Peace and love to you.
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Not sure if Park Slope is too far, but I can vouch for doing a one-time drop-in confession at St. Augustine on 6th Ave. It wasn't welcoming rah-rah, but rather welcoming in the sense that no one looked at us askance or anything, and we were considered just part of the normal church environment.
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