The Softest, Coziest, Mid-Weight Hoodie in the Known World
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I'm on the hunt for a mid-weight hoodie or sweatshirt that will make me feel like I am wrapped in warm, fuzzy clouds made of fluffy kittens this winter. Fussy requirements below the cut!

I would like to be swaddled in a lovely soft sweatshirt-type garment as I work in my chilly office. I also plan on using it as a mid-layer during hiking/camping and travel.

Must Haves
- super soft, even after laundering
- soft, like for reals very soft and cozy
- pockets
- pretty warm (fall/winter weight)
- I don't like the fuzzy car-seat upholstery look of most fleeces (nope)

- full zipper
- range of colors besides black, navy, gray
- under $100-ish, but willing to go higher for something truly perfect
- good for travel
- machine washable

Don't Needs
- hood optional
- open to any fabric type
- can be either men's, women's, or even an XL in kid sizes
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We have these team hoodies at my employer, and they are grand:
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Just a tip: any hoodie can have the fresh-from-the-store fuzziness if you never, ever let it go in a dryer and instead line dry.
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champion super hood
  • good weight
  • super soft inside after laundering
  • inexpensive option - $75 not exactly high fashion
  • it comes in red and green (in addition to navy/gray/black)
  • the hood is cavernous
it's been a few years since it left my possession, but I remember it being impossibly soft.
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It's above your budget, but strongly consider the Patagonia R2 TechFace jacket (mens/womens).

It's SUPER SOFT inside, by far the softest and coziest warm layer I have, but has a non-fuzzy face outside. I wear mine with just a t-shirt down to 48-50F, so it's warm too. The face fabric is even a little water repellent, so it can withstand a drizzle just fine. It's full zip, comes in light blue and wine red (depending on gender), GREAT for travel, and machine washable. And, it's ready-made for outdoor activities.

I love mine. I still have a couple of cotton hoodies, but they just don't get much use anymore.
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I got a hoodie made of MERINO WOOL this year, and it is my new favorite thing.

There are several on the market; mine is from Chrome, a cycling clothing company, and lists at $180. I got mine on sale from REI for $100, but if something happened to it I would buy another at full price IMMEDIATELY.

Merino Cobra Hoodie at Chrome. BTW, since it's cycling-associated, the fit is slim but not crazy slim.
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I used to have one of the Patagonia jackets that Special Agent Dale Cooper linked to and it was fabulous. And I got it as a factory second at the outlet (there was a slight mistake on the stitching of the sleeve zipper), so it only cost like $35 - on the off chance you're anywhere near a place that may have Patagonia seconds, have a look for it.
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Also, if you've looked at Uniqlo, what about these? I have one I've laundered a lot and it stays nice and soft - would work if you are okay with inside fuzziness.
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these Prana hoodies feel like they are made of baby kittens on the inside and a fluffy teddy bear on the outside.
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American Giant are kind of known as the gold standard for quality hoodies. Enormous caveat - I do not own one so cannot vouch for them personally. But they offer several weights, are around your price range, and apparently they wear like iron so it's a one-off buy.
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Seconding American Giant! You know how it could be extremely uncomfortable wearing a hoodie or sweatshirt over a button down shirt or business-appropriate dress? Well, I wear the Classic Zip over just about everything and it is so soft that even if it's not directly next to my skin it just feels luxurious.
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Thirding American Giant. Amazing hoodies, and their customer service is stellar. I've recommended them to multiple friends, all with no complaints.
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This used to be my business. This is the one you want.
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Thumbs down on American Giant--the hoody I got from them distended terribly and was never particularly soft. It's the lighter one; the heavier one was even more uncomfortable. I'm 100% convinced that their "gold standard" reputation is completely self-created with assistance from gullible tech reviewers.
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seconding Krazor's recommendation of the Alternative Apparel Eco-Fleece. I don't have the zip-up, but I sleep in the pullover version and it is heavenly.
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Came in to third Alternative Apparel Eco-Fleece. I've tried on the American Giant hoodie and was unimpressed by its softness, although it did seem sturdier. The Eco-Fleece will pill with wear, faster if you put it in the dryer; but it's also like 1/3 the price of an AG hoodie, and a LOT softer which implies more pilling tendencies anyway.
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American Giant's classic zip hoodie is the best hoodie I have ever owned. I have bought 2. They are extremely durable and cozy as heck. bonus: elbow pads!
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