Eclair flavor combos - Thanksgiving edition
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Since the green gave me some fantastic flavor combinations in a similar previous question, I am now requesting suggestions on flavors for eclairs to serve at Thanksgiving.

My choux generally tends to be a basic plain choux - I've experimented with adding cocoa, switching some flour out with red velvet cake mix, and while those were just fine, I'd like to stick with plain choux on this occasion.

For the top of the eclair, I usually do a milk or white chocolate ganache, to which flavors can be added. I could also do a simple sugar glaze that would work as a vehicle for flavors. Piping buttercream on top seems trendy but I find it skews the pastry:cream ratio in a rather unappetizing way, so I'd like to avoid that.

For the filling, my favorites are either a creme patissiere or swiss meringue buttercream, both of which I find are excellent vehicles for fruit purees, flavor oils, essences, instant pudding mixes, etc.

What I'm looking for:

-Complementary flavors for the top glaze/ganache and the filling, preferably a single flavor for each and not a blend of flavors for either the filling or the topping.

-Pumpkin spice, you say? Original, that.

Right. Thanksgiving flavor combos. Go! Thank you!
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Ooh, cranberry! What a lovely colored glaze it would make! You might make something like cranberry curd, and then stir that into your filling or glaze. Or go with cranberry in the filling and a light orange flavor in the glaze.

Also--eclairs for Thanksgiving! What a wonderful idea!
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Candied ginger in the filling with orange chocolate ganache topping.

Lemon and thyme flavours to echo the stuffing?
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Some others! I'm going to be thinking about this for a long time.

-Pecan pie: Molasses flavored glaze, crushed toasted pecans on top, maybe a whipped cream or just plain vanilla filling? or you could do the molasses in the filling and use a chocolate glaze on top for chocolate pecan pie
-Apple pie: cinnamon/spice infused filling, apple cider glaze on top (I'm imagining this as a true glaze, not using any chocolate)
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Lemon curd and dark chocolate ganache. I just want to eat one of those right now myself.

Or ricotta filling and ganache with chopped pistachios - cannoli eclair!

I don't want to do these anymore, I want snacks.
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Sweet potato and marshmallow?
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Oooh, a maple filling with pecan-bourbon-maple topping.
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Inspired by my favorite seasonal candy recipe, how about a caramel/butterscotch filling with an apple cider glaze on top? Maybe with a little sea salt?
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Sage or Rosemary + Sweet Potato
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Pumpkin and Bourbon
Champagne and Ginger
Roasted Marshmallow and Sweet Potato
Brown Butter and Chestnut
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Green tea, like Beard Papa does!
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Maple chipotle sweet potato!
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I LOVE these suggestions. I don't love the near-irresistible urge to ditch work and run home to bake.
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Chocolate-chestnut cream with chocolate icing

I feel like maple-persimmon could be good, but I could also be very wrong about that

I love the pecan pie and sweet potato/marshmallow suggestions!
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Inspired by the Great Canadian Baking Show: maple glaze, coffee cream filling.

Other ideas: juniper and chocolate, achiote and lemon, sumac and molasses, sweet smoked paprika and caramel, peanut butter and praline, intense blackberry or blueberry (like the last jammy dried summer berries) with a mild ginger glaze.
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Thank you for all these amazing suggestions! Armed with ideas, I'll brainstorm tonight and post an update after Thanksgiving :)
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Can't wait to find out how this went!
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Well, as promised, here's the update!

I made three different kinds:

- vanilla custard with cranberry curd swirled through, topped with a mild orange glaze (thank you CiaoMela!)

- maple swiss meringue buttercream with a salted caramel drizzle on top; I sprinkled bits of bacon on the top as well

- chestnut cream with a chocolate ganache; a candied ginger disc as decoration

The favorite was the maple/bacon eclair, unsurprisingly. Since I really wanted peanut butter flavor somewhere, I also made a peanut butter ice cream with praline mixed in that everyone loved - so I'll be using these flavor combinations for other desserts as well.

Thanks again for the suggestions - I hope everyone had a restful long weekend!
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