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I do not have a Facebook account and I'm not going to get one. Is there a way to get rid of the giant block of screen space at the bottom of other people's public Facebook pages that takes up a third of the height, the block that says "See more of (person) on Facebook" and two buttons saying "login" or "create new account"? Really makes the pages obnoxious especially when they are for businesses. Ghostery and it's adblock, and Adblock plus, don't block it.
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This bookmarklet kills sticky headers and footers pretty reliably. I use it constantly. It also works on mobile.

I just tested it on a random FB page (I don't have an account anymore) and it worked nicely to kill the 'See more' banner.
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A solid choice would be uBlock Origin. It is built to do just that, rip apart the blocks and chunks that form webpages and strip them out as if they weren't there. If you install that (or one of its variants - please make sure you're getting one from the Origin tree I linked, there's some rude IP drama), it will give you a little red icon, which gives you a popup to some very powerful tools. The simplest would be to click the red icon, click its setting dashboard icon, click 'filter lists', then down the page a bit is 'Fanboy’s Social Blocking List'. That should do exactly what you are wanting. By default I just enable all the lists above the regional ones, though you may want to ignore the experimental ones. The red button also gives you an eraser tool to click on various parts of the screen to highlight and block - either things that have gotten through those lists, or loud sound boxes, &c.

This can also replace your Adblock Plus, and I believe Ghostery too, though I haven't been following them lately.
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from a non-technical person.
Or, rightclick (PC) or doubleclick (Mac) on the part of the page you want to get rid of. Select Inspect Element from the pop up menu that appears. You'll get a box full of html appearing across the bottom of the page. One line of this html will be highlighted in the html box and the part of the page you want to get rid of will briefly take on a transparent highlight. Drift the cursor up and down the html in the box around the highlight. As the cursor passes over the lines of code different elements on the page will be transparently obscured (this is your fine tuning.) When you hit the code that marks the bit of the page you want to get rid of, double click or rightclick again, and select Delete Node from the pop up menu. The thing you want to get rid of should disappear. Then hit the little X at the top right of the html box to close it.

However, if you hit the wrong bit of code you might disappear a bit of page you want to keep.

Hope that helps, it's as clear as I can make it without knowing the technical terms for anything. I also find it useful for clearing the Accept Cookies forms that sometimes hang on the page doing nothing to let you in. There might be a good search term to find the original poster of this solution, which I got off ask metafilter anyway.
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+1 on the Kill Sticky bookmarklet shared by Happy Dave in the first response. It's quick, easy, and useful for lots of other sites to wipe out similar lingering cruft/ads. And one can install it in situations where browser extensions are not allowed (e.g., a work computer).
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> This can also replace your Adblock Plus, and I believe Ghostery too, though I haven't been following them lately.

Definitely +1 for uBO, and yes, it replaces ABP, Ghostery and then some.
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These are great suggestions! Does ublock work with android for Chrome, and how do I use the killsticky site in android. I can't see a way to drag and drop or make a new bookmark manually in Chrome for android. Thanks so much!
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If you have Chrome synced with your desktop, the bookmarklet should show up when you add it there.

If you don’t have it synced, you can create any bookmark, then edit it to paste in the Javascript from the desktop version in place of the original URL.
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