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I am running my team meeting next week, and I need to come up with a group/team-building exercise related to Brene Brown's BRAVING concept. Recently, my all-female team has been discussing how women tend to apologize too much, so I'd love to come up with an activity related to exploring and changing that dynamic. Any ideas?

Restrictions: the exercise can't take more than 10 minutes and shouldn't require any materials much fancier than pen and paper. There will be five women at the meeting. Bonus points for anything fun/out of the ordinary.
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The exercises on this worksheet look perfect for that. You could pick one to talk/work through it for 10 minutes, then do others in subsequent meetings if it proves a hit with the team. The "permission slips" question in particular looks like it could lead to good shared culture.
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How about play "Flip the Script" and ask the participants to identify what to say instead of "sorry"?

This article provides the prompts.

For instance, you could provide prompts like "How would you flip the script for 'I'm sorry to interrupt you, but...?'" The exercise would be for the participants to come up with alternatives, like, "I'd like to add..." and then report out how they felt about the exercise afterwards.

Note: It's not just women - My husband really needs this, so we've already been working on it.
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I'm not familiar with teh BRAVING concept though I'm a pretty big Brene Brown fan.

I have found Amplifying to be a useful way and it's something that I practice. Here's the article I found:
Washington Post: White House women want to be in the room where it happens

It goes like this - someone says something (sorry or not) and another person in the meeting takes the next available turn to say "I heard Miranda say (quote Miranda) and I agree with that." Maybe practice that.
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