Best way to get fresh air?
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I'm in the Bay Area, where the smoke from wildfires may continue to make the air outside unhealthy for an indefinite amount of time. I live in a tiny studio apartment that was recently built (a freestanding cottage) and is extremely airtight, which is good for keeping smoke out, but I'm wondering about fresh air.

The room is a little more than 200 square feet, with high ceilings. It's already been shut up pretty much since last Thursday. I do have the heat on; it's a gas heater in the wall, and I assume it's pulling air in from outside. Is that enough fresh air? It's an unusually airtight apartment, built to double as a basically soundproof music studio.

I have an air purifier running. I work from home and I've been staying in here generally because the air quality hasn't improved at all outside. Would it be better to go to a coworking office for the day to get more air? I don't feel great, but that could just be from breathing the terrible air when I do go outside. Masks are sold out at my local store.
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Response by poster: Also, if you live in Portland (OR), Seattle, or somewhere else relatively nearby and need a free housesitter/petsitter at the last minute, please let me know!
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I'm having the same issues; in fact, I asked this question earlier. If you can, get yourself to a Westfield mall. All of the Westfields have free wi-fi, and some even have co-working couches and desks with outlets. In a pinch, you can also work in the food court.

Malls are also good because you can walk around and take breaks, and there's food and shopping. Good luck!
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With an air purifier, you're fine. If you're getting cabin fever, the mall is a good place to go, or a museum. Maybe getting some plants will help with the psychological aspect of this. You're not running out of oxygen. You're done a exactly what should be done when air quality is this bad. I just ordered masks online and got them in 2 days. You may want to try that if your local stores are all sold out.
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