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I'd like to get a stack of 50 thin, "cahier" style notebooks cut to size. I've seen this done with a hydraulic machine, but I have no idea where to look for such a service in brooklyn/ nyc!

For some very random reasons I have on my hand about 50 of these amazing notebooks. They are about 4*6.

I love everything about them except for size. I am weirdly fuzzy about my notebooks and just really want them to be 3.5*5. I know it's possible to get a stack of paper cut with a hydraulic machine, and it's usually charged per cut, and it comes out super neat and straight. I called my nearby Staples but they don't have such service. Any thought on where I might find a shop that can do the cuts? I'm in Brooklyn, but can travel within NYC.
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Best answer: Any print shop can do that. Try one of the local one off shops in NYC?

There’s comzone on 16th st between 5th and 6th in Manhattan.
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Best answer: Yes an offset/quick printer can do this (as opposed to a photocopy place) but note: these have a thread binding, you will need to do *something* so it doesnt come undone.
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Best answer: My local FedEx Office (née Kinkos) has a hydraulic cutter. I assume it’s part of their standard store equipment nationwide.
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Best answer: The minute a shop goes beyond "feeding letter-size paper into photocopiers," and into actually printing stuff, they can do this.

Any quick-print place should be good; just call, say your have some small notebooks to be chopped down a little. They may balk because of the small size, but it shouldn't require more than a few calls to find someone who will shut up and take your money.
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Best answer: I've also had stacks of things cut down at my local Kinkos/FedEx Office store.
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Get in touch with the nice folks at Radix Media. They do good work.
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FYI, if these are sewn, the horizontal cut through the spine may cause the binding to fall apart. Trimming the outside edge (i.e., cutting them narrower) should be fine.
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