Best cheap earbud+microphone for iPhone?
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I lost my iPhone earbuds (older phone, with a headset jack). Hoping for an Amazon replacement under $25. I mostly use it for talking on the phone while walking. I need a good microphone that doesn't make scratchy noises, and simple design that I can scrunch into my pocket. I don't need great music quality, or fancy bluetooth type features. What should I buy? Thanks!
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Wirecutter has you covered.
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Honestly, you should get a couple of pairs of the Monoprice $3 buds and see how you get on with them. They're perfectly fine for voice, and at very least, you'll have them as backups.
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I lost my fancy earbuds while travelling (ugh) so I picked up a pair of Panasonic ErgoFit for $11 and I don't have any complaints.
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Best answer: I have a set right here on my desk I never use that came with my iPhone6. If you want them, MeMail me an address and I'll mail them to you. They fall out of my ears, so I went with over the ear headphones.
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I think even pretty old iPhones can do Bluetooth. If not, then you can ignore this.

I got the earlier version of these a year ago and they're still working. I just store them in the little zipper bag. No one has complained about the sound quality. When I got them I was looking for "budget bluetooth with mic" and they were around $25. These are around $35, which is way more expensive advicepig's solution but someone else might be looking.

I can't use the Apple ones--they fall out of my ears. These are the kind that have interchangable silicone audiopositors that project into your ear canals.
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