How should I begin selling my underwear in NYC?
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I am a gay man in NYC, and I would like to begin selling my used underwear to other men to make some extra money. What are the best places/ways to do this?

I consider this sex work-adjacent, and I'm looking for some best practices. I'm open to in person delivery, rather than mailing them, and I'll probably be wearing them to the gym first, or other such preparation.

Where are people doing this these days? Craigslist? The Apps (grindr, scruff, etc.)? Tumblr? Somewhere else?

I'll use kik or an anonymous email to communicate, be careful about sharing my pics, and not let anyone know where I live. How do people accept payment (relatively) anonymously?

I'm also open to any tips or advice that people have.
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Start with a well thought out mail drop that reveals nothing as to your actual life. You must control that. Are there others doing this you can observe? My 2 cents.
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In the event you're planning in person delivery -- let a friend know when you are planning a transaction, give them a few details on specifics, and check in when you're done. If keeping a friend in the loop won't work, cultivate a drop-off safe space like a popular bar outside of your regular circle.

When I was meeting people through online dating apps, I'd rely on friend & friendly territory for a safety check system. Extending those ideas to your plans, any transaction should be on your terms & with consideration of your safety first and foremost.
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In person stuff might involve the assumption you’d be up for “extras”. I found this out when I was selling some used motorbike leathers on eBay and ended up having a very nice afternoon with a Conservation Architect... so it’s something to think about.
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I googled "gay guy selling underwear" and got some (what appear to be) informative hits.
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