Summer camp venue rentals: please hope me
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The venue we've been doing summer camp at forever is suddenly closing so we need a new venue. Outside of American Camp Association and The Camp Channel, where should we be looking? Details inside.

Camp takes place around Portland, OR area, sleeping 75ish people, 55ish kids age range 9-18, we use our own kitchen staff. This is not a Christian camp so some venues won't rent to us. It feels like we don't have a lot of options so help getting my brain out of the "oh fuck, oh shit," space and into places I can do research or move this project ahead: GREAT.
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Maybe it'll be clear to everybody who might have an answer to your question (I don't) but it isn't clear to me, so.. perhaps you might want to say more about what kind of amenities are necessary (or at least expected.)

Will your guests be in tents or do they expect cabins? (probably the latter with that many kids) What about electrical power? Indoor plumbing? Internet? In my experience group camp arrangements can cover a pretty wide range.
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how in the wilderness do you need to be? could you do an "urban" camp for just this year at a juco with dorms or something like that? might by you time to find a suitable place for the coming years.
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I've volunteered at queer youth camps in Canada, we used Girl Guide camps, would Girl Scouts in your area have campsites available to rent? Or does your local school board have an outdoor camp?
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Nerd of the North - Previous arrangement included cabins with power/plumbing and use of a lodge with a couple more bathrooms and small commercial kitchen. Because this came as a surprise I am interested in examining as many options as possible. My question is more oriented toward "Where do you go to find lists of rentable camps" rather than "Please help me find a camp with these specific criteria".
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