Anyone tried a Candle of the Month subscription?
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I'm thinking of giving a loved one a Candle of the Month subscription as a birthday gift. Have any of you tried one of these candle subscriptions? Were/Are they good?

The gift recipient in question loves candles, provided of course they smell good, which I understand is subjective. She is a woman in her late 60s. I am not sure if that is relevant information.

Of all the available subscription boxes I can think of, a candle subscription seems right up her alley. But there are several companies that offer this, and I've never heard of any of them, never smelled any of their candles, and therefore am wary of choosing one without hearing from someone else who's used it. If anyone here can recommend any of them, I would appreciate any info you can offer.
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There's a lot of reviews of candle subscription boxes on MySubscriptionAddict. You can check out the company's past boxes to see if they're the right scents, aesthetic, size, etc for your recipient in mind.
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We gave my mother-in-law a 6-month Vellabox subscription for Christmas and re-upped it for her birthday because she liked it so much. We haven't been down to their house much since she started getting them, so I can't tell you firsthand what they smell like, but she has told us she really likes them.
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