Pinpoint accurate touchscreen friendly winter gloves
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Can anyone recommend pinpoint accurate, touchscreen friendly winter gloves? The current pair I have from Northface are too “bulky” and can end up registering my finger/touch anywhere within the half inch of surface area under my finger tip (makes typing impossible). Also, looking for something that will keep my hands warm in the cold air but not make them sweat. Any recommendations that have worked well for you?
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I'v never found a touchscreen glove that was both effective at touch-screening and at providing serious warmth -- what I do is pair a thin & effective pair of touchscreen gloves (something like these Aglove cheap kind) with some warm fleece-lined wool knit fingerless gloves, and that seems to do the trick.
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Based on The Wirecutter review, I bought some moshi digits gloves. I've only used them a few times so far this year, but have been very happy in terms of the warmth / accuracy trade-off.
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I bought these cycling gloves (the ones with the snowflake grip) for running purposes last year and I love them. They are warm but thin and sweat-wicking, and I can operate my phone pretty well with them on. I haven't tried using them for super fine details though.
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I haven't found any touchscreen gloves I like and prefer to use a stylus for my outdoor mobile stuff.
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I bought these PrimaLoft Packaway gloves last month (for $5 at LL Bean -- with coupon and sale!) and have worn them a few times. They've kept my hands warm (but not sweaty) in windy 25-30F temps so far and I can use my phone's touchscreen easily with them.

For me, the key with touchscreen gloves is to make sure they fit perfectly; if they are a little too long, they will be very awkward to use on a touchscreen. In that vein, and in -10 to +20F weather, in the past I've done the reverse of oh yeah!: thin all-wool glove liners that fit perfectly under a ski glove or mitten, which I have to take off when using a touchscreen; it's cumbersome to remove the top glove or mitten but my fingertips are the part of me that gets the coldest in really cold temps so I want extra protection there most of the time.
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I've found that a combination of silk glove liners (which are touch-sensitive except for along the seams) and convertible fingerless gloves/mittens makes a pretty workable solution. If necessary I can just poke one or two fingers out from under the mittens to work the phone. The only downside is that the thumb of the mitten is not convertible, so I can't use them to type on a screen.
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Seconding having a stylus handy. You can probably get away with gloves for general poking around on a screen, but the stylus will be handy when you need more accuracy, though by no means a substitute for well-practices thumbs.
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