Help Finding Artist / Graphic Designer to Commission Kellar-Style Print
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I am hoping to commission a poster in the style of Kellar the Magician posters (like these!) for my ex-magician non-ex-boyfriend. (Feel free to leave your magician jokes in the comments). The problem is that I don't know any artists, and my Googling is failing me! Do you know anyone who would be able to handle this?

I'm envisioning a poster that involves him and our dog. I'm hoping to get the poster printed and framed by Christmas (although that can slip to Valentine's Day if the artist is right but the timing isn't), and while there is technically a budget, it's one that respects the fact that I will be employing an artist to make a piece of artwork.
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Here’s a really great list of illustrators to browse: visiblepeeps
and you can also search #visiblewomen on twitter. A lot of illustrators will have commission info up on their profile. You could also try posting a job on Upwork. I’m not sure what quality of work you will get back exactly as I’ve only seen it from the other side, but that will definitely get you a bunch of portfolios to look at.
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This is a fun idea!
There are some links you might find useful in this previous answer to another Ask about finding an illustrator.
You can probably cast the widest net by searching on Behance. I turned up two illustrators there who could probably do a nice job:
Russ Gray
Nache Ramos
Good luck!
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I sent you a message regarding my own skills, but I can also offer my experience as someone who commissioned some poster art for my own partner a while back.

First off, it ran me about $300. (I was working with an artist friend who designed for independent video games.) Second, it took way more time than I might have expected. I want to say it was at least two or three months of back and forth, because he had other projects going on and then we had our own back and forth trying to come up with the design and refining it. And this time of year is pretty tight for a lot of people.

So... yes, this is an awesome gift. Just be realistic about it (which it sounds like you are!). One of your best options might be to find some examples of the existing ones you like best and say, "THIS. Put him into it and make our dog go like so, and here are photos of them both doing exactly that." Then your illustrator can go to town with the text treatment and making it look real, etc.
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