Super soft men’s long sleeve collared button down shirt
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I’m looking for super soft and comfortable men’s button down collared long sleeve shirts that I can wear without an undershirt. I work in a semi casual office (some folks wear dress pants with their long sleeve button down shirts, some wear jeans, I can do either). Thank you in advance!
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There's this solid color flannel shirt from Uniqlo. I know the women's version is very soft.
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Buttercloth and Ministry of Supply Apollo shirts are both supposedly very soft and comfortable, but very expensive. I have been using no iron shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt with an undershirt and am very happy with them. They are not very soft, but for me not having to iron is a luxury I just cannot do without.
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I wear shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt, TM Lewin and Hawes & Curtis. All comfortable without a vest / undershirt, but I wouldn't describe any as super soft.
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Seconding the Uniqlo solid flannels. They are the entirety of my fall/winter/spring collared shirts. I've found Uniqlo men's fits are unique to shirt style, so you'll want to try on sizes in the specific shirt line you like.

That said, I project a sort of woodsy/crafty look (jeans, boots, beard) so I think they hold up better for me over time than someone who might wear them with slacks and dress shoes that aren't a heavier boot.
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Uniqlo Easy Care Comfort is a long sleeve button down that is made to more or less look like oxford cloth but feels more like polo shirt material.
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Gloweave's houndstooth shirts are super soft, have well-structured collars, good weight / drape and don't need an undershirt.
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(I've just realised that Gloweave seems to be an Australia-only thing, which is a pity, but with your indulgence I'll leave this answer here for future seekers of soft shirts.)
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