I want to be notified of any good sales, anywhere, on a particular thing
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I want a particular brand of air fryer. I anticipate that this thing will go on some site's Black Friday sale. Maybe more than one site. I want to be notified as soon as the sale price gets announced, on any site. I already use Honey to get notified of price drops on Amazon. I want a service that will keep me apprised of whenever this thing goes on sale anywhere else. Is there a site/service that does this?
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Not quite what you're looking for but I sometimes do this for products with a Google Alert for a specifc product that ususally gets triggered when some of the various deal aggregation sites post an article about that product being discounted.
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Slickdeals.net allows you to save a search so that anytime the set keywords come up with posted deals it'll email you. The site relies on a user base to crowd source deals but it is quite a fanatical user base and the closet thing you have to a solution that will cross all retailers.
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You can do alerts like the ones mentioned for slickdeals through bensbargains.com, too. May increase your chances to do as many places as possible.
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Flipp works for this
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The Camelizer allows you to check price history and can let you know when a price drops below a certain level. Not the greatest interface, but I do love the price history to know if historically I'm paying less than usual.
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