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Where can I buy medium priced solid colored keyboards?

I cannot find a site that sells solid colored (or multicolored) computer keyboards. I can find one offs on Amazon, and I can find expensive custom keyboard sites. But what I want to find is a company that sells regular old $30-$50 wired and/or wireless keyboard/mouse combos that come in a rainbow of solid colors.

Where are they hiding?
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Maybe not quiiiite what you're looking for, but have you checked MechanicalKeyboards?
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Chester Creek makes one. Not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for.

I know I've seen recently a high-end mechanical gaming keyboard that was multicolor, but I can't find it on a cursory search.
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If you can find a Cherry MX / MX compatible mechanical keyboard that suits your needs (there are plenty for < $50 out there, Amazon will have some less expensive choices than MechanicalKeyboards.com linked above), then you can pick up some solid color keycaps and swap them out for pretty cheap. Here's someone selling a decent range of colors on ebay for $12 each.
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