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Looking to beef up my RSS feed with good stuff about sex and sexuality. What are the best, most reliable sources of content out there?

I need to gather articles, essays and such for my workplace’s social media channels. Seeking content about sex, sexuality, gender, LGBTQ+ (although our focus isn’t super political), etc.. I’m already following Bustle, TheSexEd.com and the “sexuality” topic on Medium, but I’m sure I’m missing tons. Sure do miss Nerve.com.

A sex positive perspective is good. Spicy is ok, smutty ain’t. Cosmo sex tips, not so much. So whatcha got? Thanks!
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Maybe autostraddle?
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Oh Joy Sex Toy is a perennial delight. They wander in and out of the smut end of the spectrum, so it may not suit your needs exactly, but there's a ton of valuable, accessible educational/informational content there.
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Not sure if it’s quite right but Oh Joy Sex Toy is a webcomic that is informative, very sex positive and LGBT friendly.
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Specifically on Autostraddle, you might want to check out their NSFW Sundays column, which is collections of link roundups on sex/sexuality/relationship related stuff from a queer lady perspective. The photos in the posts are indeed NSFW, but a lot of the content is more on the thoughtful end than the smutty end.
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I like Cerebral Sexuality.
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Sex and Psychology is great. It focuses on research and debunking myths or answering common questions.
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Wow, I thought, "Oh, this is easy", and then went to that folder in my RSS reader and nobody's published in ages. So I'll add Eros Blog. Though that probably ends up smutty more often than you wanted.
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Boo! It's Sex. College students. A ghost with encyclopedick knowledge of sex. Pretty good. Danielle Corsetto does it, she's got a pretty good record on sex positive stuff
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