Repeating Google Cal events that only appear a few days in advance
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I use Google calendar and would like to have certain things (like "work out") on my calendar every day, so that each day I can just change the time to when I'm going to do them rather than create a new event every day. But I want these items to only show a week in advance so I don't look at my long range calendar it doesn't look filled up. I'm pretty sure there's no way to do this within Google Calendar itself, but I imagine there must be some hack or third-party solution (like IFTTT) that I could use.

My current solution is to create events that repeats every day for seven days, and then duplicate the tasks each week for the following week. I'd like something a little more automatic.
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A work-around would be to put all such events in their own calendar, and then hide that calendar when you're looking at the monthly or yearly views. But that's an extra click or two on your part every time you switch views; I'm not sure if there's a way to make it so that those calendars remove themselves automatically from the month/year views only.
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Agree with Johnny. I have a separate calendar just specifically for recurring daily workout reminders and pill reminders. It's its own special calendar (which I named Reminders) and I have it set to different notification preferences than I do for my main calendar. (i.e. for my Reminders calendar, I get a pop-up 10 minutes before. For my normal calendar, I got an email 2 hours before and a pop-up a half hour before.) When I am looking at my Google Calendar, I can just uncheck my Reminders calendar so looking into the future, I only see actual events. I also make my Reminders calendar yellow. My main calendar is grey. I have another calendar that's green. You can have as many different calendars synced to your Google Calendar as you want. That's how you compartmentalize everything.
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