Easy way to collate shippers on Amazon?
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I have a list of 13 books. I want to buy them in the cheapest manner possible. Hence, Amazon. But the cheapest prices are with 12 different shippers, about half of which charge shipping. Is there an easy way to find the cheapest prices at the same sellers to save on shipping? Or does it have to be painstaking cross-checking between multiple browser windows?
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The only thing I can think of is add a copy of each book to your cart from each potential seller, and then take the first step towards checkout to it should group them into shipments. What I don't know is whether it will display shipping charges at that point, I know it will for Amazon shipment but not sure about third party.
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i'm guessing these are used books, hence all the shippers? i'd try powell's and see if you get a better deal.
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FWIW, I’ve discovered recently that a lot of used book sellers (many of whom also sell on Amazon) offer free shipping on books purchased via the Abebooks.com website.
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Use bigwords.com to search for the books. It’ll make sure you get them for the cheapest price and takes shipping into account. (It’s like an airline fare aggregator, but for books.)
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Says it's for textbooks only, though.
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are these relatively popular books? If so, I’d see which of the 12 sellers you’ve identified has the biggest number of items in their store, and then see how many of your other books they stock.
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Seconding Bigwords, which in my experience will find any book, not just textbooks. Amazon almost certainly isn't going to be the cheapest.
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Don't forget that Amazon owns abebooks. You could check half pricebooks too; they have a huge inventory.
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You might try bookfinder.com, although if there are multiple editions of a book the number of possibilities can be overwhelming. It offers the option of showing prices including shipping; I think that's the default, but I may have set some flag long ago and forgotten about it.
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Betterworldbooks.com offers free shipping (and sometimes discounts when you buy multiple books). And I believe they’re on Ebates, for an additional discount. ThriftBooks.com is a similar site.
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Update: Abebooks.com wound up saving me the most money on price and shipping. Thanks to all y'all for your help!
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