Have you seen Useless Edison?
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I read this article in the Washington Post and want to try to find some of this guy's videos for my 10 yo son who loves Simone Giertz and went to a chinese immersion school for five years but is now home-schooling. I tried googling, downloading Kwai and searching in english, and emailing the author of the piece, but so far no luck. Please help me help my son avoid becoming another monolingual American (like me...). Thanks!
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I think this is him. The link was buried in the Post's comment section:

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The characters for his name are 耿帥 and you can search YouTube and get quite a few of his videos probably taken off of Kwai (never used kwai, but you can probably use 耿帥 as a search there to find his channel).
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MetaFilter is amazing! Thanks!
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