Lee Scratch Perry track 'The Queen Can't Shit'
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I remember hearing the story that, on hearing a rumour that the Queen Mother wore a colostomy bag legend Lee Scratch Perry was moved to record a song called "The Queen Can't Shit". Not only can I not find that mythical track, but only one website I can find mentions the tale. Is there any truth in this wonderful story? And if so, where can I hear the track?
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A search at Discogs suggests that it may never have been commercially released (or it was released under another name, which is a fairly common fate for a Lee Perry production). This is not at all a definitive statement--Discogs doesn't list every single thing that's ever been released, and Jamaican music can be a world unto itself--and Perry has hundreds if not thousands of tracks that have never seen the light of day.

A good next step, research-wise, would be reviewing the archive.org cache of roots-archive.com, a now-defunct database of Jamaican roots music.
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