NFL Memory Lapse
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Question for NFL addicts. Help identify a recent game.

In the final quarter of a recent blowout, the beaten team was about to score a meaningless touchdown when they turned over the ball near the 5-yard line. After about 30 yards, it seemed the recovering runner was in the clear to score a ~90-yard touchdown — when suddenly, about two steps from the end zone, he was tackled by a player who seemed to come out of nowhere.

The play was initially scored a touchdown, if I recall, then overturned (and scored anyway on the next play). Remind me: Which game was this? It was toward the end of this past season. Thanks.
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Are you thinking of the Broncos/Patriots playoff when Champ Bailey returned for 99 yards?
posted by scody at 1:29 PM on February 17, 2006

Yep. It was Ben Watson on the tackle. Second time he'd done that in 2005-06. Boy has no quit whatsoever.
posted by selfnoise at 1:30 PM on February 17, 2006

And the touchdown wasn't meaningless, IIRC, it would have put the Patriots at least in striking distance.
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If it is the Pat/Den game, there's a chance that the loose ball may have flown over the pylon/goal line instead of out of bounds which was what was ruled. In which case, by rule, it would have been Patriots ball on the 20 (touchback). But the replays I saw weren't quite conclusive.

And rmember that Watson was originally on the other side of the field, so he made the tackle after running 115+ yards. It looked to me that Baily started to pull up slightly at the 15 or 10, allowing Watson to catch up. If he slowed down because he was out of steam or if he thought he had made in the shade, I'm not sure.
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In the final quarter of a recent blowout

And it wasn't the final quarter. And while it was a two-score game, it wasn't really a "blowout".
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IIRC the play was not initially ruled as a touchdown. He did get very close tho. An great play by both Bailey and Watson.
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Response by poster: And one, and two. Thanks for the refresher!

I remember watching it with my fiancée and commenting, "There's a play that's going to be watched by every team in the next 48 hours." Should have jotted down a note at the time, since I knew I'd want to remember it but don't have the memory for such things. I was reminded of it when I read about Lindsey Jacobellis this morning.

I appreciate the help.
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Most impressive stat to me: Bailey 192 pounds, Watson over 250.
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