You see this egg? You see this egg?
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What can I do tonight (ie in the next few hours) with up to 6 eggs, two flour tortillas, green onions, and unspecified other ingredients purchasable at the supermarket?

For reasons I would like to make a side or sub-main dish for two with some or all of these eggs. Scramble and wrap in tortillas? If so what kind of flavoring? Fry, and then what? Omelet? (Never made one...). Other exciting ideas?
(Meat-eaters as needed, no oven in house, no other major restrictions.) Thanks!
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Breakfast tacos!
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Do a variation on shakshuka. Buy a can of tomato puree or crushed tomatoes, garlic, and cumin if you don't have it. Also if you like spicy, buy a jalapeno, if you like only a little spicy buy a poblano.

Preheat oven to 300. In a big shallow pan cook chopped chili and green onion in some butter until soft. Add minced garlic and cumin, plus salt and pepper, let it sizzle for like thirty seconds. Add the tomato puree and mix it up. Let that simmer for ten minutes or so. With the back of a spoon make six wells in the sauce, and crack an egg into each. Top each egg with a little salt pepper and cumin. Put the whole pan into the oven until the whites have just become opaque.

Eat everything with tortillas. To bulk it up you can add cheese on top a couple minutes before the eggs finish. To get lazier you could use a combo of jarred salsa and tomato sauce.
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Oh sorry, didn't see that you have no oven. Not a problem! Just use a pan with a lid and cover it after adding the eggs so they steam through.
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The NY Times riff on Jian Bing, sort of a Chinese breakfast wrap, is pretty tasty. It's even better if, like the fantastic Mr. Bing in NYC, you add a crunchy element (typically fried wontons, but crackers, even Saltines, will do), and chili crisp for the spice.
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Yeah this is an obvious breakfast taco/burrito situation. I’d get some of the following to fill them out: chorizo, black beans, salsa, queso fresca or cheddar.

Just fry the onion, then move it to the edge and brown the meat, then move it to the edge and scramble your eggs in the middle (for this dish I prefer to add nothing or a dash of water to the eggs). Stir it all together and toss in the beans to warm, roll up with the cheese and salsa: easy one pan meal meal, maybe 30-40 min or so including prep and cleanup.
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Huevos rancheros. There are many variations, so play around with what you have or can get. Or, huevos motulenos.
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Get some potatoes, make Spanish tortilla including the green onions. Eat the warmed tortillas on the side.
On edit: You're supposed to put it under the broiler for 2 minutes, I forgot. But I've made a version of this on the stove, stirring, it just won't be as smoothly cake-like -- more like a frittata.
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Overnight breakfast enchiladas. Do it in a pot with a lid. They're amazing.

Also seconding huevos rancheros. You could fry/steam the tortillas for the base - cut them into triangles afterwards and then serve everything else over them. Whenever I make them I usually top them with chorizo, shredded cheese, sliced avo, salsa, beans, and then top that with a couple of fried eggs and the green onions, serving it with lime for squeezing over everything. Some leave the tortilla whole, which is obvs also great, I like to make triangles so I can pull them out to dip/scoop stuff if I want.
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Ew, no, migas is made with corn tortillas (or if you're in a bind, tortilla chips).

Nthing breakfast tacos. Potato/egg/cheese is great and you can use tater tots or hashbrowns in a pinch. Bean and cheese with or without bacon. Chorizo/egg/cheese. Nopales and egg. Don't forget to buy salsa or hot sauce.
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Breakfast for Dinner scrambled egg burritos. All of the above ideas sound great. Warm the tortillas a bit and cook the eggs till soft with chopped green onion, a little salt and pepper, shredded cheese in the eggs or sprinlked on top as the egg is still warm.

I like mild dishes so I would stop there. But adding seasoned meat, chorizo, etc. sounds delicious. A very small amount of meat would go a long way. With six eggs and two tortillas, you're already talking a 3-egg scramble per tortilla, that's a lot of food. Mabe think of the egg as the main protein and any seasoned browned meat as more of a sauce.

Because I'm basic, I like to put a little smear of plain mayo on the tortilla before putting the scrambled eggs/seasoning in. I like the way the mayo fat counters the acid/spice of the salsa or spiced meat toppings. It adds a hint of bland and yummy to a dish that could go exotic and spicy.
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These are great! Thanks very much. The conclusion in the huimangm household was, the eggs will keep another few days so let's put them on hold, go buy some more tortillas over the weekend, and make the eggs the main event later on, based on the input herein. Much appreciated.
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