Resources for math refresher?
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I plan to take an introductory statistics course in the spring. But first I need to take a placement test, and my math is rusty.

I have taken trig and precalculus, but that was 20 years ago or so. I need to take the placement test no later than Dec. 15.

Here are the course descriptions and prerequisites.

I want to take STAT 145. The test results should show knowledge of at least intermediate algebra (MATH 101 and 102,). Looking at the course description, those topics seem like they shouldn’t be too hard to refresh myself on.

Do you know of any good resources?
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I used Khan Academy to review algebra before I took stats.
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I found Kaplan GRE math tests to be a pretty good review of math. I'd recommend taking a practice test blind, seeing what you do poorly on, they'll give you a break down on what you missed specifically, studying those things and then retaking a new practice test
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It looks like the school you linked uses the ACCUPLACER placement test, which has practice information on its website here
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Khan has good stuff, but there's also less-good stuff that depends on what kind of teacher you like. I think there's also dupes, so hunt around if you have trouble finding something you like. YouTube has independent teachers as well, search for concept names and you should get some options.

Another great resource is Paul's Online Math Notes
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I like ALEKS, I think it’s $20 for a month of access. I think it will do an initial assessment to see what you know, although you may have to choose which module you want.

Khan Academy is also good (and free), it has quizzes/homework not just videos.
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Part of what I do as an instructor is placement assessments. If you are doing the ACCUPLACER, it includes some basic questions on arithmetic, fractions, etc. We don't use that particular math assessment tool, but ours also includes arithmetic, fractions, decimals, percent...and that's the part people tend not to do well on. They've reviewed their butts off for algebra but didn't bother with the more fundamental stuff and are shocked when it's actually on the test. And yes, we do give people a practice test with sample questions, but they frequently tell us they didn't think the arithmetic/fractions/etc. mattered, so they didn't review it. So I recommend you do at least some review of more basic stuff in addition to the algebra, just so you aren't caught by surprise.
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Oh and seconding the Khan Academy for review. It's what we recommend and students tend to find it helpful.
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I took the edX College Algebra and Problem Solving course before my university calculus course and found it very helpful in coming up to speed. It has a good interactive problem test function, and being able to work through a set course structure and see progress and weak spots helped. I also really like Paul's Online Math Notes for reviewing concepts.
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I used Khan Academy and then found the Happy Tutor on YouTube. He is easy follow, there are many introductory stats videos that he's posted.
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A math teacher at my son's high school has a really good channel that seems to cover pretty much everything, in nice playlists. He's a little overeager for my taste, but the kids love him.
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Another Khan academy vote here.
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These are a lot of good answers. Thank you!
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I ended up focusing on ALEKS. I like it a lot.
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