Christmas Gift *Theme* Ideas
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My husband and I want to start a tradition between ourselves of creative gift-giving for Christmas. We like the idea of having a theme or prompt to adhere to, and changing it every year, so I want to compile a list we can draw from randomly, and I am looking for ideas!

They can either be straightforward (e.g., "Something to do together on a Saturday afternoon" and he gets me a puzzle) or something open to interpretation that you could get silly with (e.g., "Something you do with your butt" and I get him one of those travel padded bleacher seats).

Not looking for specific gift ideas, just themes we can work off of.

I see this question was asked here 15 years ago but figure it's been long enough to see if there are some more ideas out there. :) Thanks!
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Hmm, maybe a list of states or countries?

or the alphabet?
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Hmmm...this question led to this comment that led to a list of monarchs by cognomen (their nickname).

That could be a fun list to go nuts with.
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Blue Things
Rhymes with "Coal"
Better Living Through Chemistry
Eat, Drink, or Be Merry
Top half
Bottom half
Better half
Things for your face holes
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You could do the list of traditional anniversary gifts.
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If you're in the US, you could do states, which could lead to a lot of possibilities. For instance, Kansas could be sunflowers, Wizard of Oz (emeralds?), Home on the Range (state song, but could be interpreted as cooking range). Or something related to a famous person from there (Amelia Earhart -> travel). OK, I'm not doing a super great job here, but I think you could get creative with it.

You could do the same thing with countries.
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Picking a different color every year would give you a wide range of options. You could also do materials (wood one year, metal the next, etc.) Then there's lists of literary devices, festivals, elements, and Oscar winners for best picture. Obviously, you and your partner would have to get super creative with these, but that's half the fun, isn't it?
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a color
a country
a year (or decade)
an animal
vintage or antique/recycled
a room of the house
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the wide world






animal, vegetable, and mineral








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This is fun. How about the seasons? Gifts could be things like gardening supplies, beach gear, a nice bottle of cider, a cozy sweater.
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These are all great! I marked as best the one that really captured what I was going for, but all feedback is appreciated.
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