Head clearing retreat needed ASAP!
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Hive mind take me away! I need a 2-3 day retreat within 3 hours drive of Western Mass that I can go to in the upcoming weeks. Requirements/details below the fold.

It has been a rollercoaster of a Fall and, while things now are better than they have been in years, I need some downtime to process the twists and turns of the last few months. I initially thought a few days at Kripalu would fit the bill but the minute I saw the schedule I knew I would end up doing too many classes and not getting any of the much needed downtime. I need to find a place where I can get some quiet and solitude with some opportunities for interaction but not too many activities.

In college I spent a weekend at Regina Laudis. I am a lifelong atheist but the time there was incredible and rejuvenating. If they didn't require reservations to be made via snail mail that is a place I would consider going to. I am open to buddhist retreats, women's retreats, a cabin in the woods with a fire place and clawfoot tub, really anything that will give me some quiet and time alone. I don't mind doing some work, meditation or physical activity but I want limited/no exposure to technology. I would prefer for meals to be provided but making my own meals wouldn't be a dealbreaker. I would like to keep the cost under $400 and am available 11/9-11/13, 11/16-11/18 and 11/23-11/26 (I am putting in the dates just incase someone knows of some last minute deals/opportunities.). All ideas/ recommendations will be appreciated.
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Blue Cliff Monastery.
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Nurture through Nature retreat center in Maine would be perfect. Book a yurt, hike some trails, lay in a hammock, sit by a fire. If you're there over the weekend there is an inexpensive community sauna option. The sauna is near a gorgeous mountain brook with bathing pools, so it's particularly wonderful. Very eco-conscious and off-grid. Run by an amazing woman who had a vision of a better world and decided to share it.
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Woolman Hill. They're Quakers, but you don't have to participate in anything.
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L'Abri in Southborough.
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My high school Buddhism class did an overnight stay at Karme Choling in Vermont and I remember it being incredibly, incredibly restorative and wonderful. I don't remember what the accommodations were like but the food was excellent and the scenery was beautiful.
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A similar AskMe request from not too long ago may provide further leads for you.
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