Name this puppy - scruffy edition
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I'm 90% sure I'm adopting this little dandelion head tomorrow. He is going to need a name. My other dog is named Rooney and as you can see they are long lost cousins. Looking forward to your ideas!
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(We just named a rescue last weekend, and it's a surprisingly fraught task. Good luck with him!!)
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Why not Dandy, then?
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Personally, I enjoy the name Dandelion Head very much.

But obviously, if your other dog is named Rooney, you should name this dog Wayne. :)
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A famous Rooney? Andy, Mickey? He could be a Mickey.
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Desmond the Dandy.
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That's a Wilbur, for sure.
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He looks a bit like a Buster to me.

Alternately "Macaroni" but you could call him Mac.
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i love me a scruffy dog!

he looks like a kenneth, kenny for short. kenny and rooney
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I should add, I've had Rooney 6 years so she has a lot of nicknames. Anything that sounds too similar to these is probably out, so I don't confuse them:

Baby Boo
Booboo Baggins
My girl
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Do you watch Wynonna Earp? He reminds me of the sheriff, whose name is Nedley.
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(that looks like a dog that needs about one million kisses)
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Cantona, Ruud, Cole, Persie, Gunnar, Yorke...
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He looks like a smart little thing! So I'd call him Hugo or Nick (the latter for Nikola Tesla).
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oh yeah, seconding Oscar.

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Seymour, Oscar, Einstein. Doc - ala back to the future.

He also looks like a cutie Gremlin, so that in mind: Gizmo, Gremlin, Mogwai.
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That puppy is adorable!

What about Hopper?

(Yes, I've been watching Stranger Things.)
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Dandelions are part of the sunflower family -- short for Asteraceae. And he is such a sweet little dandelion.

You've got some great dogs there!
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He looks a lot like a dog I follow on instagram whose name is Owen. I like Oscar or Oswald too.
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If they’re cousins, perhaps puppy wants an Irish-derived surname? Higgins, Kennedy, Sullivan, Reilly?
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@pixiecrinkle, Owen the scruffy pitbull? I LOVE that account. : D
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He looks like a Chester to me.
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He's clearly Gaspode.

(I mean that quite literally, that is exactly what Gaspode the Wonder Dog looks like in my headcanon)
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Mulligan -- so you can call him "Mul" for short and then the two of them together would be Mul & Rooney! ;-)
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I'm with Crayon on naming that sweet little guy, Seymour, Frye's pup from Futurama.
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That is most DEFINITELY a Toby. The Tobiest of Tobys.
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Boo Boo (Bilbo) Baggins and Fritz (Frodo) Baggins
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Leo! He looks like a lion!
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Chester popped into my mind, I see someone else also posted that!

Riley is a name I was considering for my pup
Toby also good
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