What's the latest on how to best fight suppression of POC votes?
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Since this 2016 post, what are some of the best ways to contribute to fight voter suppression in purple districts with significant populations of people of color?

Both because I live in an area that is both solid blue and rather caucasian, and because I have more money than time, I'd like to hear about organizations in other states where I could send money and make a difference. I'm more interested in supporting initiatives such as mail-in-voting, automatic registration, enfranchising people with felony convictions, and other structural approaches, rather than specific candidates. I'm especially interested in initiatives and organizations with significant POC leadership.
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Spread the Vote is an organization that you can donate to that helps people in key states get IDs. They fill in a gap in most other GOTV efforts which tend to do miss this step in the process. 21 million eligible voters do not have the IDs they need to vote, so this organization could help create 21 million new voters. It is headed by a young Black woman.
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Yes I think the ID thing is an issue. I'm trying to find out how I can donate to the people who were disenfranchised because they live on reservations myself and that's what the main need seems to be. Help navigating the ID process especially for people who are elderly or work a lot of hours and have a hard time with the onerous paperwork requirements.
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