How to find micro blogs and podcasts?
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I love reading and listening to blogs and podcasts but I'm only familiar with the big ones. Are there aggregators I can use to specifically sort by size/reach to find the little blogs and podcasts that deserve some love?

I've looked at Bloglovin' and Feedly but neither go small enough (I'm thinking a few hundred dedicated readers/listeners to a few thousand).

If the only way to find them is to manually go through something like Apple's listing of podcasts for a particular category or to get specific recommendations, let me know the deets but wanted to ask. :)
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If you search metatalk there was a not too distant thread with people posting links to their blogs. Some time in the last year I think.
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Here is the Metatalk thread - last post is a link to the OPML file of every blog mentioned in the thread.
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Type in some keywords of interest in You can also do a multilingual search. It has worked for Spanish, Chinese and Japanese text
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