the secret to closing this vintage laundry bag?
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Anyone know how to close this vintage laundry bag?

I need to use a laundry bag, and I have one, only I can't figure out how to close it. The bag doesn't have a drawstring or anywhere to put one. It's 2 by 3 feet and is around 50 years old (supposedly was used in a service that laundered my diapers ;-)). Here's a picture. Anyone know how to close it?

(couldn't resist choosing the "grab bag" catagory...)
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I'd use a string, ribbon or elastic band tied around the seamed area to close. You could probably sew one on to the side seam if you want to ensure it stays with the bag. I bet it the bags originally came with a bunch of cloth ribbons or ties.
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Looks to me like a piece of string would go around the bag and attach or go through that eyelet on the top left.
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I too was thinking that's probably a part of the eyelet's purpose - and with that top being mesh, you could thread the string or ribbon in and out around the bag.
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I’ve had bags like that with a ribbon as mentioned above. Wet knots are a drag though.
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I would thread a cord or a piece of twill tape through that eyelet and just tie the bag closed. The eyelet is there to help hold it in place.
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I bet using that as a laundry bag would be a whole lot easier if you (or someone who sews) folded down the top part and made a hem to add a drawstring.
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I had a laundry bag like this. There was a rubber closure similar to this: (link). The rubber thing was attached to the bag with string/rope through the eyehole.
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Wet knots aren't a problem if you use the correct knot. Something with a bight in it (like a shoelace knot—that's just a square knot with two bights that make the loops) could be pulled out when necessary. Most knot-related problems can be solved by using a different knot.

Grog's Animated Knots is a fantastic resource.
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