Looking for your favorite letter/penpal organizations
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I'm getting more into cursive handwriting and want to write letters for fun and handwriting practice. What are some good organizations/ways to find some letter recipients?

I currently have a penpal through LWA (Letter Writers Alliance), which I really enjoy. I also sometimes send out postcards through Postcrossing, though the messages on the postcards are usually short and somewhat generic, as well as written in print since I'm worried about non-native English speakers not being able to read cursive.

I'm looking for some more ideas of where to find penpals/people to write letters to. Does anyone have any organizations/groups that have worked out well for finding letter buddies, either one-offs or regular penpals? Has anyone done something like moreloveletters.com, or a volunteer program that involves sending books plus letters (to schoolkids, prisoners, etc.)?
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If you're not averse to reddit, there's /r/penpals, and, because that attracts mostly younger posters, /r/penpalsover30: the latter has worked well for me (as has LWA).
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The Letter Exchange sounds like something that you might enjoy. Its been around since 1982 and still going.
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There are a lot of organizations looking for people to write letters to folks in prison.
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I've had good luck with sendsomething.net
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This is imprecise but Instagram. Look for hashtags related to pen pals, letters, mail etc... Lots of people doing this as a hobby run blogs and mail swaps and post mail pics and details on their instagram. I found and participated in several mail swaps this way! If you need help MeMail me and I can look for some specifics for you.
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Writing to prisoners is very rewarding. Many are excellent correspondents given limited social and entertainment options. You can find a pen pal through Solitary Watch and they will act as an intermediary so you don't share your address. I have a PO box too and found several pen pals through the websites set up for this. Google, "prison pen pal".

In my first letters I always make clear I'm not looking for a relationship or romantic connection, as that's what a lot of people are looking for. Everyone has been totally understanding of that.
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Another idea: I've made a practice of writing real letters of appreciation to authors and podcast creators I've appreciated. It's a way for me to appreciate the good in this terrible world right now.
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I correspond with a prisoner in solitary and I can say that it has impacted me deeply. it is so meaningful and that human connection is very rich. I believe I also did this thru Solitary Watch or Voices from Solitary.

I also do sort of my own penpal thing where I rotate going through my own friends who live far away and write them letters just to say I miss them.
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Check out the League of Extraordinary PenPals! So many lovely folks, and geeking out about cursive and handwriting is definitely part of the fun.
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Have you signed up for metafilter's own card club? People are exchanging cards and letters every month and i'm always up for a pen pal as well so feel free to contact me if you don't end up finding something better.
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You can also find penpals on the Postcrossing forums - here is the relevant one.
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Hope this is not too late but if you are into fiber arts, there are always tons of gift exchanges/swaps/snail mail going on at Ravelry groups and I myself have sent quite a lot of stuff and postcards to total strangers.

Do you have a hobby you are active in? Does it have an online community? I know fragrance forums like Basenotes are constantly swapping perfume samples with one another though I don't know if you are into perfumes.
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