Alternatives to Publix in New Orleans?
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Looking for an alternative to Publix for bakery and deli custom-ordered items.

I plan an annual alumni party at a conference that changes location every year, and this year it's in New Orleans, a city I'm not very familiar with. One of the options I have for a venue is a nice-looking bar (The Rusty Nail) which will let me bring in food (much cheaper than catering). This past year I did something similar and got food from Publix which was surprisingly nice for "catering" from a grocery store. Google tells me there are no Publix in New Orleans. Is there a similar-quality grocery store from which I can order bakery and deli items custom-made to be picked up? Or, a catering company that isn't crazy pricey? Thanks for any recommendations!
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Robért Fresh Market and Rouses are the two groceries I know of that are nice (Robérts is nicer than Rouses) and do catering trays, cakes, etc. We also have Whole Foods.
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I am not that familiar with Robert but I would also second Rouses. Also Langenstein's is great—may I recommend getting Better Cheddar dip?
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You've got some good grocery store suggestions, and I'd also throw Martin's Wine Cellar into the mix for catering.

Also, I'm not sure what kind of venue you are looking for or what the style of event is, but The Rusty Nail is not what I would consider a "nice" bar. It's pretty clean for a dive bar, but it's definitely not swanky at all.
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Oh yeah I missed the "nice" part before. Rusty Nail is a dive for sure. I mean, it's New Orleans, some of the best bars are dives, but just a heads up.
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I would say Rouses is better than Publix, although I have maybe not been to a representative sample of Publix locations. Anyway, Rouses is perfect for what you are asking for.
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Another vote for Rouses!!
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