Whatsapp when traveling?
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I'm overseas and I bought a local SIM card which I am using. My current WhatsApp contacts still seem to be able to contact me. But if I want a new contact to be able to find me on WhatsApp, should I give them my Australian number or my current local number?

My Australian SIM card doesn't work here at all even to receive calls, so if WhatsApp does something to try to verify the number if the person searches by it, that will fail, I guess. I don't want to actually switch WhatsApp to my current local number as I am only here for a few more days and I don't know how that will affect current contacts.

My ideal would be if I can just give the new contact my Australian number and they can find me that way on WhatsApp now even though I'm currently not using that SIM card. Will that work?
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Australian number. A friend of mine registered her WhatsApp account with a UK number and it's been working for over three years since leaving the UK.
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Give the number from Austrailia for Whatsapp. I've been overseas for over a year, have used Sim cards and numbers from 4 different countries but whatsapp still uses my original number from home. - That is now your Whatsapp number.
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I once took a group of college students to another country. I bought a sim card in that country, but it in my phone with Whatsapp on it, and gave the foreign number to them. I used Whatsapp to keep in touch with a single person at that time, and had no intention of letting my students know they could get in touch with me any other way. Some of them then began sending me Whatsapp messages, an account I signed up for with my 'real' phone number.
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You use the number that whatsapp is registered/paired to, your Australian number.

Of course if you want them toll call or text you outside whatsapp you give them whatever your current SIM number is.
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It should be the Australian number - I'm using WA on my original SIM but take calls on a new SIM. The app is linked to whatever SIM you set it up with.
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You are all the best people with the best answers. Thank you!
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