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I’m looking for the title of a late 70s middle school library book! My school was in the Ohio Valley. It was a hardback book with a light/soft pink cover (no dust jacket), something about famous or notable women in history. It was a proper book, if that makes sense - not an oversized book, not a paperback. It wasn’t new. I feel like I remember Pocahontas, Madame Curie, Amelia Earhart, maybe Joan of Arc? - there were LOTS of others. Short chapters about their lives, might have had “women” in the title. There was a companion volume for “men” (blue cover, no dust jacket) that I never read. I checked it out of the library about 30 times - any suggestions?
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Living Biographies of Famous Women, by Henry Thomas and Dana Lee Thomas? With dust jacket, which lists a few of the entries.

Companion volume, Living Biographies of Famous Men, same authors. (Part of the Living Biographies series.)

(Found through Alison Booth's "Collective Biographies of Women, An Annotated Bibliography" site - other leads to be had there.)
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Iris Gambol - thanks for the link! The cover looked promising but the list seems wrong. I'll dig through the rest of the links on that page!
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