What is this houseplant?
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My friend has this gorgeous houseplant but has no idea what it's called, she got it at a flea market.

Sorry I don't have a photo of the full plant - as I remember, each leaf is attached singly its own stalk in the soil (rather than multiple leaves on branching stems) and is about 4 inches long.
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That's a Calathea called Network. link link

( I was standing in line at a plant store and showed them the photo ;)
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In the likely event you are again stumped by fauna, there's (even) an app for that! On Android/Google Play Store, the App is (poorly) named 'Picture This.'
Spot a compellingly unidentifiable plant?
1. Load the app
2. Take a picture of your mysterious vegetation.
3. App returns the plant's name taxonomy and care instructions.
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Thank you webmistress! And thank you plant store expert!

That app looks cool too, Duck :)
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