Thoroughly explore the neighborhood: is there an app for that?
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I'd like to to exhaustively explore some neighborhoods by walking down every street. I could print out a map and mark my progress by hand, but are there any iOS apps or other tools that could more effectively facilitate this?

My goals are to find new and interesting places as well as search for rental postings that may exist only as physical signs.

There are exercise apps which can show you your route, but it's important to be to be able to gradually combine these as I don't expect to complete the task in a single session.

I don't care about how fast I do the walking, just where I've been. Bonus points for being able to pinpoint when I walked a particular street.
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Try adding "canvassing" as a search term.
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There's apps like STRUT and World Uncovered that unlock the map as you walk around. Is that what you're looking for?
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The GAIA gps app might work. I don’t think you can combine routes, but you give every route a color and if you made them all the same color it would look like one big route. When you click on one of the routes it will tell you when you were there.
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Not exactly what you asked for but if you want to find new and interesting places while walking around you should use the Nearby feature on Wikipedia. Great fun if you’re in a fairly dense and walkable area.
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Run an Empire looks to be a game that does what you're looking for as a side effect.
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Sounds like CityStrides.
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World Uncovered has been working pretty well for me so far.

Thanks for all the responses!
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