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Is it normal to not pee first thing in the morning? Are you like this? If so, please explain!

My partner and both his kids don’t always pee when they first wake up. Sometimes they go for hours without peeing. They’re all very healthy, and drink a normal amount of water. When I asked him about it, he said “meh. It’s just not a big deal/I don’t always think about it”. For me it’s not about thinking at all. When I get up, I HAVE to go within 10 minutes or less. I can hold it longer if I have to, but it’s a conscious (and unpleasant) effort.

So MeFites who do this: why/how? I’m really puzzled and curious.
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As somebody who doesn’t empty their bladder first thing as a matter of course I think this is both a question of genetics and habit. What I mean by genetics is that I seem to have to use the bathroom less frequently than people I’m with when out and about, including situations where intake is easily compared due to the consumption of rounds of drinks.

So either I have a larger than average bladder or I am less sensitive to the sensation of having a not empty or fullish bladder and thus don’t find that sensation unpleasant. At the same time, I find that travelling across time zones does affect me by having to rise during the night to use the bathroom, something that never happens otherwise. So there seems to be an element of habit in all this as well.

Based on those two observations, I would have thought that you are in the habit of emptying your bladder upon rising. To what extent you got into that habit because you have a small bladder or drink a lot late at night and thus really have a fuller bladder on rising or because you are just more sensitive to the sensation of a fullish bladder and find that sensation unpleasant really doesn’t matter.
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You can also get dehydrated during the night, concentrating their pee so they don't feel the urge as strongly and is only once they got up and eat and drink the urge kicks in. Also maybe they get up and pee during the night.
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I drink water all evening (several liters), pee before bed around 11, then don't pee again until I get up, between 8 and 9 usually. So I do pee on getting up, but it's not urgent even though I drink a lot before bed. Spouse limits his liquid intake after dinner and still almost always gets up at night to pee and then pees around 6 or 7 a.m. Everyone's different?
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More often than not, I don't pee when I wake. Typically, I eat breakfast within an hour of rising and after breakfast I will pee. I'm a very active person who exercises daily, and I drink water throughout the day. I eat dinner around 8 or 9 pm, and usually don't drink any liquids after that except for an occasional whisky night cap.

On the occasions that I do drink water before bed, I will usually have to pee when I wake. I dislike that feeling immensely!
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