Help me select a closing movie for free community film series.
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Am organizing a free outdoor film series in a community park in Jersey City and need a suggestion for the closing show. For the most part the series is not mainstream, shows a balance of local, foreign, independent and classics. Based on the current selection (see below) please brainstorm a great closing show. Please take into account the current and past selections when making your recommendations. Thanks & Save the quail.

1. Raising Arizona
2. Babe
3. Manhattan Murder Mystery
4. Nine Queens
5. Bottle Rocket
6. Some like it hot
8. Big Fish
9. ?

Last years series:
Bend it Like Beckham
Best in Show
All The President's Men
When We Were Kings
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How about Cinema Paradiso? I've always dreamt about turning my backyard into an outdoor movie theater. Cinema Paradiso would definitely be on the program.
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Cinema Paradiso would make a good closer.
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Death Race 2000. The nwFilmCenter showed it this year for their Top Down film festival and got a great reaction from the crowd.
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The Princess Bride
Close Encounters of the Third Kind

- both shown this summer at Portland's outdoor movie thing to great effect
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I'm biased, but I think Strictly Ballroom would make a great classic closer.
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Rare Birds, An Everlasting Piece, The Legend of 1900, Waking Ned Devine. Second City of God and The Princess Bride.
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2nd: The Legend of 1900, I am David.
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Koyaanisqatsi, with the soundtrack performed by a live orchestra.
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Cleo From 5 to 7 is a beautiful movie.
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A Very Long Engagement (
In A Lonely Place (
Seconds on Strictly Ballroom, The Princess Bride, and City of God
As an aside, why can't I link in my comments when I'm using Safari? Very frustrating.
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Hitchcock's Notorious
Big Lebowski
(if you want one for kids) My Neighbor Tortorro

All movies that haven't been seen by enough and loved by virtually everyone who sees them.
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Spirited Away
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Sara Anne:
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"Miami Bues"
"The Grifters

Good luck :)
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Response by poster: This is a great list. Keep going please...there's always next year to think about.

FYI - Disney no longer allows outdoor showings so we had to pull 'Spirited Away'. Boo Disney.

Last year we got the director of the Ali docu 'When We Were Kings' to come do Q&A.

Anyone know any directors or critics who would do some intros or Q&A?
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Your (terrific) lineup this year is a series of very locale-specific flicks, so here are a few more:
Breaking Away
The Dish
The Gods Must Be Crazy
Mystery, Alaska
The Palm Beach Story (in recognition of Mr. Cheney's honorary membership in The Ale & Quail Club)
Fargo (to bookend Raising Arizona)
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Baghdad Cafe
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